Devin Martin

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Welcome! During the home loan process, our clients will be asked quite a few questions on their applications by our employees. Some questions are easy and some take a bit more thought. So it seemed only fair that we turn the tables around for a few moments and asked our employees some questions for you to get to know them better………

  1. My life story in one sentence: Keeping life simple, thinking rationally and being kind to others has allowed many doors to open for me and allows me to live a peaceful life.
  2. How did you choose to be in this line of work? I always knew that I had a passion for numbers and finance since a young age. As an 8 year old kid I repeatedly told people that I wanted to become an accountant when I grew up. Numbers came easy to me and I assumed this was the most logical job for me to pursue. However, when I went to college and had my first accounting course, I knew instantly that I never wanted to pursue accounting for my career. Long story short, the reason for that decision was that I didn’t enjoy all the ledger work. I then stumbled upon Welcome Home Loans who opened my eyes to the way they operate business and help people with their unique situations. It seemed like a perfect match as I had already taken a big interest in personal finance and creating budgets for my friends. The rest all fell into place and now as I continued to work with Welcome Home Loans, I get to build my knowledge base in finance and multiple solutions to many financial problems.
  3. What free time activities do you enjoy that would surprise people? One of my favorite past time activities is to bake. I’ve made chocolate chip cookies from scratch in my free time ever since I started high school. I was recently blessed to finally receive a Kitchen Aid mixer and it’s now my most used item in my kitchen.
  4. Do you like creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Crunchy, obviously.
  5. Favorite type of donut? Bear Claw from Dizzy Dean’s.

I'm here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services. 

Feel free to contact me via Email: or Phone: (541) 684-5700 x 2