Jenny Tubbs

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Welcome! During the home loan process, our clients will be asked quite a few questions on their applications by our employees. Some questions are easy and some take a bit more thought. So it seemed only fair that we turn the tables around for a few moments and asked our employees some questions for you to get to know them better………

  1. Tell me your life story in one sentence: Born extremely curious and willing to help/love everyone in my path.
  2. What brought you to the Welcome Home Loans Team? Philip and I had a mutual close friend who heard Welcome Home Loans was hiring and suggested I might be the perfect fit to work at this awesome small company. After an interview, job offer, and long wait period on WHL’s side while I finished training my replacement during the busy season at my former job, I finally started March 2016. I am always grateful that WHL took a chance in hiring me. The company culture here continually encourages me to strive for excellent quality of work, to build authentic relationships with clients and co-workers, to always do the hard work in every step of my development because it will lead to great growth, and to make time in life for fun & enjoyment. The WHL company fits well with my core values and outlook in life.
  3. What’s the phone app you use most? Woodoku. I like the challenge of fitting all the puzzle pieces together correctly for a specific task given.
  4. What’s something that can instantly make your day better? In no particular order: fun conversations with my family & friends, flowers, fresh baked bread, random music, the river, sunshine, hugs…..the list could go on and on. Simple things bring me lots of joy & instantly make my day better.
  5. What are your thoughts on music? Absolutely love ALL music! I believe it can give an extra edge or meaning to life in our daily moments big or small……my own music skills are such that it might be best when nobody is home to hear it though, LOL. 

I'm here to answer any questions you might have about our products or services.

Feel Free to contact me via Email: or Phone: (541) 684-5700 ext. 3