Philip Dunn

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Welcome! During the home loan process, our clients will be asked quite a few questions on their applications by our employees. Some questions are easy and some take a bit more thought. So it seemed only fair that we turn the tables around for a few moments and asked our employees some questions for you to get to know them better………

  1. My life story in one sentence: My life is a journey to experience an abundance of peace, deep relationships with family and friends, attentive parenting, and financial security.
  2. How did you choose to be in this line of work? I have always enjoyed working with numbers, doing calculations and weighing alternatives. For education, I chose finance as a major to learn the tools of sound financial decision-making. Since I also enjoy meeting and helping people, I wanted a career that would be combine numbers and analysis with relationships and communication. My hope was for work to help navigate complex financial decisions. That’s pretty general, and at that point, I just didn’t know exactly how a career path may unfold. In 1992, not too long after graduation, my mother-in-law gifted a career assessment. It was determined that the best two options were Loan Officer and Financial Advisor. I reached out to a local mortgage bank manager who’d I’d previously met and was offered an opportunity to learn mortgage origination. The position turned out to be a perfect fit. I love the process of gathering information, running calculation, and weighing options all while keeping in mind a client’s goals and situation. I am thankful for that assessment test as I would have never thought to consider anything in the banking industry.
  3. What was a subject in school which you enjoyed? My sophomore year in high-school, electives I chose were bookkeeping and computer programming. I loved the orderliness and balance ofbookkeeping. And, working with computers in the early 80’s allowed me to later become an earlyadopter of spreadsheets such as VisiCalc, Lotus 123, and Microsoft Excel. Since then, I’ve enjoyed creating spreadsheets to aid in analysis, comparison and tracking of pretty much everything that I’m interested in.
  4. What is a guilty pleasure? My first though is ice cream. Not ice cream in itself, but the sheer quantity which I consume. To be honest though, I don’t really feel guilty because it’s so good.
  5. What is an embarrassing story? Several years ago, at book club, a similar question was posed…“What was a time you made a really stupid decision” for each person to answer. Each person, in turn,told a fantastic story of how they navigated the outfall of a really stupid decision. When it got to me, nothing had come to mind so I said something like… “I’ve spent my life trying really hard to make good decisions so I don’t really have anything to share”. Someone called out.. “boriiiing”. LOL. What’s embarrassing is that they might be right. 😊

I'm here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services. 

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